Google Places: Tips for push-to-top optimization

Google Places: Tips for push-to-top optimization

Google, which is one of the biggest search engine of the whole world. People use search in Google for their required stuff. Google shows the results from its database, which consists of even every single website o the world, in three search results which are Google local listing , Google sponsored listing and Google organic listing.

But here will only talk about the Google local listings. Google use a process to rank the website, the process is quite secret but here are some of the tips that will help your positioning on the Google in terms of SEO (search engine optimization. These tips will help your website the first one to appear in the list, but they just may help you move up a little. But one more thing please ignores spam and that website offering submitting of website on hundreds of more websites.

  • Let’s just talk about the key words, try to make key phrases instead of key words. Or I you want to make key words then always make unique, potential and related key words. If you want to search your business on the Google what will you type? The exact key word or key phrase for your website. On the other hand, you can also take the help of others by just asking someone else, which is the regular visitor of your website that what do he type in the Google for the search of your website and what he thinks of the exact key word might be. So in this way you can get some SEO friendly key words for your website. Search engines do search through SEO friendly keywords.
  • Google also emphasizes on the density of usage of the key words in the key phrase. So don’t try to duplicate or to make text invisible in phrase, because it will not work. In fact, Google may ban your website.
  • After that the naming of the page is important because Google also search from the page names, so if you don’t properly named your page then it will be shown as untitled so nobody is going to click on that.
  • After that their starts the link placing step. Because Google’s search algorithm places a heavy importance on the number of incoming links to your site. These citations that comes from other website containing the direct link to your website. These references are said to be as Citations whish matters a lot in the ranking of your page in the Google local listings. More citations Google will give more weightage to your website and rank it on top ranks.
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