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Engmine is a leading web designing company based in New York City, NY. We design all types of websites starting from static pages website designs till fully custom CMS based websites. We are also specializing in animated or flash websites as well as E-commerce web portals development and designing. We have exclusive experience of designing and developing custom portals with automatic data sorting and reporting functions included.

We have worked for creating medical portals for Worchester National Hospital Massachusetts and many more.

Website designing plays vital role in winning or losing your business especially when you are selling your products online. When customers are searching around for their desired products or services on internet they go to many websites looking for their products but first look of your website decides either visitor will stay on your web page or looks forward further information or will simply go to another page. You need to be careful while hiring a professional web designer. Engmine have worked for many web designing projects locally in USA or even internationally

We follow These Steps while designing a unique web page.

Website Focus – It is important to know ultimate end use of your website before designing it

Custom Features – End use of the website decided which custom features are required to design the website. For Example online store would need Shopping cart and that would need to be designed professional so that customer will feel comfortable while doing transection for any online seller, but in case of information website such as dentist website need to be more artistic then simple.

Prototype – Before you will make some website live you need to come up with an idea that reflect properties of said business, and draw it’s sample design on paper or computer.

Content – Write down the most suitable content for your website especially slogan or punch lines for front page

Color Scheme & Style – Work on the color scheme and style that reflects your idea and business both

Evaluation – Evaluate your design show to the client and discuss any changes required or Re – Do Design

Businesses have fairly understood that online presence is inevitable today, to establish your company persona its vital to target the online audience. Web design play an important role in branding of your product. For brands it’s important to understand that your website design is one of the key factor which effects the decision of visitors to whether stay on the page or move away. Theme of your website should reflect the essence of your business nature, it should be visually attractive to the potential customer as well as it should carry the right amount of information that is relevant to the user.

Our specialty is our creative flair, you will certainly find our designs unique, sophisticated and professional. We first understand the functionality of your website and its audience it is communicating with and then we design it for you. The combination of creative flair and technical expertise has lead our website designs to gain customers satisfaction.

We design for all business types, whether you are selling online products, or services or online marketing campaigns on social media or you need advertisement banners for your business or even you need designing for a desktop based application, we take all your pain of UI designing phase.

Further we optimize the layout in a search engine friendly manner, and we implement the mandatory search engine requirements so that you need not face revamping of layout after deployment. We do not offer like other do, we do not make commitments that are barley fulfilled, we only aim to attain customer satisfaction and results that prove our expertise.

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