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Engmine Web Hosting Service

Many hosting companies offer attractive packages with hosting packages such as free advertising credit on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and etc., but there is only one thing most important about hosting companies is their reliability. No matter whatever type of website you make you want it to stay online 24/7/365 and that is only possibly with a single click or call away technical support which is now available on Engmine hosting.

There are three types of hosting services available at Engmine

Shared Website Hosting

Share hosting is most used hosting type. It uses same location and IP to host many websites all together which reduces cost and is good for personal or small business websites. Shared hosting are usually more easier to handle and can simple be operated using a user friendly control panel. Shared hosting have some disadvantages like more crowd on same location and if Location IP get blacklisted because of some black code websites it created problem for all websites on that location.

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Dedicated servers are dedicated to one single users and they usually have unlimited space and bandwidth form their host, but dedicated hosting are expensive it is good for big businesses like online stores who expect lots of users on their website every time, dedicated users get 4 to 8 different IP,s to located different sections of their website. Dedicated servers are more secure at Engmine we use extra fire walls on our dedicated hosting which h helps you protect your customers data. Choose Engmine for your next ecommerce project.

VPS Hosting

VPS or virtual private server is just like shared hosting but with the difference of small operational system which can be rebooted or operated individually. You would need VPS severs when you website stats getting more traffic and you cannot afford dedicated servers but you have high risks on shared hosting, then go for Engmine VPS servers.