The following terms and conditions administrate our service provision to you. By signing up for any of our services, you will accept these terms.

“We”, “Us” or “Our” means Engmine “You” or “Your” mean the client “Services” mean the services we will provide to our clients under this agreement and as laid out in any other contract between us and the client


1. General

·         These terms and conditions shall not be altered or amended without a written and signed agreement by both us and you.

·          Required notices to be given by either party to the other shall be in writing addressed to the primary place of business of the other party.

·         In case of a dispute between you and us during the course of service provision, both parties shall attempt to settle dispute by negotiation. In case of failing to settle the dispute, it may be referred to legal proceeding by either party.

·         Neither you nor we are liable for any breach of this agreement caused by matters beyond our or your reasonable control, including, but not limited to, Acts of God, fire, lightning, explosion, war, disorder, flood, industrial disputes, failures or interruptions of electricity supplies or weather of exceptional severity.

2. Our responsibilities to you

·         We shall provide our services to you as set out by the governing terms of the business at the time of service provision.

·         We shall not use or reveal to any third person, other than those persons authorized by you, any private or confidential data about you, your product/s, service/s, customer/s, business/es, accounts, finance/s, contractual arrangements or any other information that we may receive about you during the period of our service provision.

·         We shall endeavor to protect any confidential information provide to us by you to the best of our ability.

3. Your responsibilities to us

·         You and your employees shall fully cooperate with us and provide us any such information as we may require for efficient service provision.

·         You and your employees shall promptly provide us any documents that we may require from you for performance of our responsibilities to you under governing terms

·         You shall duly pay all our fees and charges as agreed and laid out in the contract of service provision

·         All our fees and charges will not be inclusive of sales or value added tax/es unless agreed with you otherwise

·         We reserve the right to suspend or terminate our service provision to you if our fees and charges are not paid to us by you on the specified time.

4. Payment of our services

·          Payment will be due to us by you immediately after completion of the transaction between you and us,  we shall issue you an invoice as soon as payment is due to us by you.

·          The service fees or charges that we agree to charge you are for the service/s that we agree to provide to you as set out in service provision agreement at that time. If we are requested to perform any additional work other than what is set out in the service provision agreement, we reserve the right to charge extra for the additional service/s requested. However, in such case, we will inform you in advance. 

5. Termination of Service/s

·         In case of any breach of this agreement by either party, the affected party shall be entitled to terminate this agreement by giving one month written notice to the other party.

·         In case of legal declaration of bankruptcy on part of either party, the affected party shall be entitled to terminate this agreement on a written notice.

6. Our liability

·         In case of your loss due to any negligence on our part, we shall accept liability in accordance with the governing terms at that time. However, our liability shall never exceed the amount paid by you for service provision under the agreement.

·         We shall not be liable for any of your loss including death or personal injury other than any of your loss due to our own negligence.

·         This agreement does not affect your legal rights as a consumer.

·         Customer must send the sign the contract within 24 hours after providing with the payment info, otherwise we are eligible to charge the customer.

7. Money Back Guarantee

·         Our SEO services include a money back guarantee within 30 days. key phrases price will only be refunded , depending upon the case, if: Once the contract is signed by the client we do have authority to charge from the card as per the contracted installments or

No refund will be made after the 30 days’ time period has passed. During service provision, if a client’s account is cancelled by us due to infringement of our terms of business, no refund will be made.

YOUR service starts immediately, due to the various rules of search engines your listing will appear in Local Search Results within 60 days from activation & verification date. Activation of your listing may take up to maximum of 30 days.

All placements maintained solely by Engmine Corp, not Google. We will use all available resources to maintain the contracted positions. The placement against particular keywords may very on actual search results. The placement might also give different possible combinations and some key words might show up or down depending upon the competition in a particular area. The time period for the results also may vary for the competition.

The Placement may show up on further pages against some keywords with extra excessive competition

* The customer will have to pay GST or International transfer charges which may vary from 5 – 10 % depending upon the companies proceeded through. Our Company’s Head office is in Australia.

Contracts are renewed automatically. Customer needs to send Engmine written request (Min of 7 days before renewal date) via email or fax if he / she wishes to terminate it.

Contract cancellation charges $ 500

Contract switching to another business keeping the same domain name will be for free.

Contract switching to another business with the different domain name $ 300