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In this article we are going to know about web designing. Now-a days Business are also establishing their business on internet and are trying to woo the customer at any cost so in that case they need Business official website. For a good website there are many aspects that can be kept in mind while designing website.

With the passage of time, Internet has lessened the distance between a Buyer and a Seller with the help of a Website. Now Customer just type in the search bar of the search engine and visit the required business website in case to buy something. Design must be good enough to be able to convert visitor in buyers but also it retains the current buyers of the business. Organizations use Their Official registered website and provide on the spot services to their customers. In this article we are going to learn that how design of the website effects the business incomes.

First of all, the design of the website depends on the nature of the business. For that it is divided into two categories- Static and Dynamic. For example the website of a restaurant and an Audit firm is totally different from each other, in restaurant website, the design must be Dynamic i.e. there are some colors, photos of the meal etc. Whereas website design of an Audit firm must be in Static layout. Designed should be enough to retain all the needs of the customer.

Design must be look a like of the Logo of the business. It means the logo of the business must be shown in the website. For most thing is that the coding of website must be in a good languages, HTML or Joomla are good coding languages. Because it matters a lot if the back coding of the website is not in better language it may create errors at the buyers end. URL of the website must be SEO friendly and easily available to the customers. Also the Resolution of the website must be kept at compatible levels of 1024 x 786 and 800 x 600.

The contents of the Website comprises of relevant and meaner full things. By this you can acquire more visitors. Not required Blinking of text and animated GIFs distract the visitor so it must be avoided. For every page there must be a Menu and a link to the home page. If the website consists of large contents so it must contain a search bar. The Background color combinations comprise of light colors because it will help in reading the contents at the visitor end.

The main emphasize must be put on the loading of the website. Because if the loading of the website takes time (slow loading) visitor may get bad impression of the site so it is avoided and make to such instant that it gives a good impression on visitors mind by loading quickly. The Text of the website comprises in such a font size that can be readable, it must not be large enough to give an amateurish look of the website or not so small that visitor is unable to read. There should segregation of attention either by using Designed part or with the help of Flash. Try to focus on the goals if you want to promote your business` product and services.

The important two aspects in designing a site are the creative skill and the technical knowledge about the website. Designing a site is not a simple job, because every thing depends on the nature of the site i.e. it may be product or service vise. Moreover the Copyrighting of the website is another big issue. The contents of the site can be protecting by paying processing fee. Register the website by going to the www.Copyright.gov and fill the application form for copyrighting purposes. The articles on the website must be patent so others on internet don’t pirate the contents.

One more thing at the last is to make sure that all that contents of the website must be updated continuously. In this way customer or the visitor can be make aware of the policies of the business. As well as concerned with putting the personal information in the website so avoid putting here and there because it will irritate the reader.

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