Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a system of advertising in which there are two websites (merchants and publisher) which agrees to have a percentage to any sales generated. It is another way to have a more targeted market.

Social Media:

Social Media is also one of the famous off page optimization nowadays. It refers to the activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and construction of words, pictures, video and audio. One good example of it is YouTube. It will increase stickiness of your visitors to your website.

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is where people can save and categorize their own personal collection of bookmarks and share it with their friends. The more friends or people in your network the higher chances to increase traffic in your website. One good example of this is

Social Networking:

Social Networking is where people develop networks of friends and associates. Social Networks like friendster, MySpace, Facebook are good examples of it. Yes, you might be wondering how can these social networking sites helps you attract people. You can post advertisements in the bulletin or ask your friends to view your site. Be sure that your advertisement is worth reading so that they will be interested in visiting your website.

Community Posting:

One good example of community is Yahoo Answer. You might be wondering how this can be a good source of traffic. Marketing people often indulge themselves into community posting to promote their products. For example, there are questions that are related to your product or service that you are offering that you think you know the answer. You might as well answer it and inform that person that you have a great product or service that might be useful.

Now that you know the basic Off Page Optimization, for starters you can start building your own blog and try to practice your newly acquired SEO knowledge and this will serve as a refresher for those who already knew these techniques.

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