Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page SEO:

There are some techniques for SEO that should be done for your website in order to optimize your website. On page SEO is not going to be enough for search engines to read it. Off page SEO can also be said as showing information about you website and company on other websites. Off page SEO refers to Link Building, Article Submissions etc. 

Link Building:

Links building means acquiring external links to your website.  External links are links on other websites to your website. That increase traffic and search ranking which decreases Alexa and increase back links or supporting links to your website. More supporting links means more traffic and more exposure, which gives better search ranking. Link building starts with Directory Submissions.

Web Directories Submission:

Web Directory Submissions is a process of submitting you website to thousands of other websites requesting them to place you website link on theirs. Whereas directories are information sources online, which categories information into the relevant categories just like our phone directories. But web directories are more efficient, more categories, more data, up to date and are online. Once you request directories about your external link, they send you verification email and after wards reviewed by human editor to accept or reject your request. Once you are successful getting links from high PR websites. It will give more traffic and better ranking to your keywords. Page rank is given Google depending upon value of links, age of website, uniqueness’ of content and its content time to time up gradation. 

Forum Posting:

Forums are discussion panels available on different websites or websites themselves. If you are a beginner you have three things to do about forums.

  1. Forums can give you good back links because most of the forums have tagging and signatures facility, where you can put you keywords and hyperlink them to your website.
  1. As forum is a discussion panel it has a lot of people over there. And once some one fined your post as interesting they most likely will visit you website. Which will increase traffic coming to you website and will be your step towards search ranking increase.
  1. And third most usage of forum is. It gives you information about whatever you need to know. Select the right category and post a thread, people will answer you your questions.

Types of Directories:

Directories have two main types which can further be categories into two more.

  1. Free Directories
  2. Paid Directories

Both these directories have two more types

  1. General Directories
  2. Niche Directories 

General Directories are for worldwide businesses. They display a big list of categories and subcategories for business all over the word.

Niche Directories are for specific area or market and they again have categories and subcategories or sometimes they are only for one category or type of business.

Classified Ads Submissions:

Classified ads are ads displayed on different websites or directories showing your website description, keywords and tags. Classified ads give you more exposure and visibility. Classified cads are of two types there are ads which gives only textual information and there are ads which gives your website thumbnail or picture too. Picture ads bring more traffic. There are many websites offering free classified ads for limited time. Always put captions in your ads. Good captions will attract customers to visit you website and increase traffic and sales. Try not to put same or different ads for one website on one classified ads display website. That can be spamming and may result in your website blockage

Article Submission:

An article is an ideal way of documenting a real life “problem” and then providing a solution to the problem in the form of case study. In this way people who will be reading your article will be able to see what relevancy a service or product might be to them. Always remember that people like to buy from someone who knows what they are doing. You can submit your own written articles to article directories to get free traffic on your website and always remember to put your hyperlinked to your resource box so that visits can visit also your website. What I mean by hyperlink is this: “Your Keyword here”. (delete the “-“)

Press Release Submission:

Press Releases are official statements that were issued by companies and organizations to print, television and radio media. These press releases maybe purely factual and address a specific issue or concern, or they may be more promotional in nature. Press releases are often made in-house by authorized employees otherwise it can be produced by outside firms that contracted by the company or organization. Press releases are news items that are designed to inform people but not to sell something. These are stories to highlighting all the unique features and benefits of your business or product. It only informs customers exactly how your products or service will benefit your target market’s lives in a news story format.


Blogs or weblogs are journal or newsletter that are frequently updated and intended for public consumption. Articles that are related to the target keywords can be put inside the blogs. This is like you mini site wherein you can post anything about your website like news, new updates, etc. For SEO specialist like me, I consider blogs as my training ground because as you see it is free and if you fail to rank it no one will get angry. If you are new to SEO, you should try to have one and optimize it.

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