Select Domain and keywords for your next business website?

Select Domain and keywords for your next business website?

All these things are very important from SEO point of view you can keep on doing the above mentioned changes to you website and you will ultimately find yourself in a position to beet you competitors.

But there is always an optimum density of work that should done on page; for example talking about keyword density, If keyword density is too low to describe in a web page then search spiders will not find sufficient information about which keyword or words do you want to display your content and information about. That is called low keyword density, On the other hand if you keep on putting your targeting keywords in quantity , then spiders consider that as a keyword or information stuffing and block the whole web page to through and lead it to penalty (sandbox). So we need to know the optimum figure acceptable for search crawler to understand and accept at the same time. Using you targeting keyword for about 3 to 5 times in every four hundred to five hundred words could be sufficient information for the crawler to display and spiders to accept and index at the same time which will help you in online marketing of your business.

Let’s now discuss little bit more about above mentioned On Site SEO factors to be able to help yourself to put you business on first page of most famous search engines. First when you have a business and you think about promoting it online. You suddenly need to register an appropriate domain name about you business.

Domain Name Selection:

Domain is representation of your business name. Sometimes it is not as important to have same webpage name as your business name, because the best option would be if you having a same domain name as you’re most important to be targeted keyword. But if you are not lucky enough having you keyword domain name available, then you should better try some combinations of it.

When looking for an alternative combinations for you domain you should have they keyword in the start such as keyword####, where “#” represent an addition to keyword. Extra-long domain names are not favorable. And for suffix it is always better go with .com or .com. country such as , .com. au etc. Using Hyphen in the URL is not any bad for SEO.


Website Development:

Websites are developed using some computer languages. To let search engine better read your website. It is need to be developed in an appropriate web language. Joomla and wordpress are most SEO friendly web languages. While there are other options too having website in Flash, or HTML or PHP. Whatever language you are using to develop the website you should have a healthy Sitemap of your website keeping it in HTML or XHTML. Sitemap is the page which spiders read usually. So keep all the sitemap updated and effective.

Keywords Selection:

There are certain keywords and key phrases related to every business that people use to search for information at a search engine. Those keywords need to be carefully analyzed and researched before starting up search engine optimization of a website. Keywords analysis and research involves a great deal of understand of how a typical surfer will search for your business on the internet. Choosing relevant to your content keywords will help you website grow in that keyword optimization while poor and really harm your business.

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