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Search Engine Optimization is a kind of terms familiar to ever one now a days and people love to search on Google and then it makes something interesting which is called Google seo where most businessmen want to put in their for better business.

Before we even to spend money on Google we need to know why exactly is Google so helpful? Truth is everyone wants to invest their money in Google because it gives traffic and business to businessmen. Google is not too old but it took lead from all other companies only because of its simplicity and reliability. Around 66% of internet users use Google to search their desired products or services. It’s because Google always have focused on providing specific to searched results. After Google, Yahoo and Bing are the second and third biggest search engines.

The Search volume in any ordinary keyword on Google won’t be less in millions, Now the question what should we do to get our website optimized above all others using Google SEO?

There are certain parts of it and it is usually a slow practice because this is about long term results as long as things are good and follow search engine guidelines.  One of these things is called Onsite optimization where we add necessary keywords from homepage to landing pages of your website to distribute information more precisely and accurately across your own website. It is in the Google guideline that you should have enough information related and displayed on your website that visitor won’t get confuse once they reach your website while searches. Finding out the best keywords for your category and inputting them in home and landing pages and having accurate information about our products on website. Put accurate and unique title’s meta and content on your website, content is very much important t if you have something copied and you cannot be at good position in search engines, they will block you. It’s always good to have unique content written and also take care of H1, H2 and H3 tags as well. We are good in Google eyes in our Onsite SEO.

Onsite SEO is not enough now a day, Second part of Google SEO would be Offsite SEO where it starts with directories, blogs and forums. It’s all the matter of quality and results. You need acquire as much as quality links to your website possible keeping in mind you don’t spam and everything you display about your business should be true.

Forums are the places where people ask different questions based on the categories of forums and etc. You need to make your good reputation and buildup relationship in forums to acquire better placement. Some of the forums we highly recommend are digital point and seo chat. You can ask questions answer them and make friends more old and reputation you have in any forum more it will be easier for you to get quality traffic. After forums social media websites are also very good in increasing your search ranking. You need to have strong reputation and friends at social websites. You can get traffic from a single to whole world based on how you present your business in the social network.

After that you need to do some Press releases and Blogs and some PPC ads as well to start the whole business. 

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