Google Advertising

You can start Promoting your business in all three different ways on google

1. Search Engine optimization

2. PPC Advertising

3. Email Marketing

PPC Advertsing

Pay Per Click or Sponsored advertising is  not as simple as business think about it, You can make too much money or you can lose too much in this advertising type. Because you want potential traffic only and you should know the art of bidding which will keep you up on page 01 against your hot keywords.

In making the ad content is of very importance, if the content of the ad is brief and unique you have a better ad Engmine SEO is having professional those who are Google qualified and we can help you in providing quality content and we can manage your ad for optimized clicks. We make sure you get high ROI and get most potential clicks out of your advertising.


We work with you for at least six months making it sure you get most out of your ads.

In all this you need to make sure you

  1. Are getting More Traffic
  2. Are having More conversions
  3. Are working on ad places , text and hitting words for getting higher conversions
  4. Are not spending more than you are earning from SEM

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization means Optimizing or making your website content, description and title most relevant to the product or services you sell in order to rank it well in accordance to your search terms in search engines.

If SEO is done without any purpose then it will not be fruitful, there should be a plan while starting seo for your website. you need to analysis it before you plan to start any off site activity for your website

Make list of forums, blogs and article topics. You need to work on making weekly planner based on high PR quality and long term link building strategies.


Work on following before doing SEO

  1. Make sure your customers use Google to find You.
  2. Watch your Existing Ranking of Google.
  3. Find Best keywords to rank your business
  4. Make sure you have an attactive website that display enough information for the customers.
  5. Choose your target market and relative keywords before SEO
  6. Do not have more prices than your compatitors.

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